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Symvol™ is a volumetric modeling system. The user can think of clay or metal when working with Symvol™. It means a volume object is a piece of malleable material, not a collection of paper sheets glued together. Whatever you do to it, you still have a valid solid object, unlike in traditional solid modeling, where objects can have cracks and other surface issues.


The features unique to Symvol™ are:

• Infinite level of detail

• Tiling of geometry at any scale

• Organic blending of soft and sharp objects

• True morphing of any object to any other

• Dynamic warping

• Direct modification of any element of a model at anytime in the modeling process

• Easy to use parametrized interface with construction graph and customizable bookmarks

• Multi-scale dynamic rendering

• Guaranteed model integrity and watertight generation of meshes for 3D printing

• Incredibly small, easy to transmit file sizes


Other features:

• Extensive list of available primitives such as major quadrics, superellipsoid, canal volume

• Set operations ("Boolean"): union, intersection, subtraction

• Bounded blending

• Deformations (twist, taper, bend)

• Orthogonal and polar arrays

• Contour extrusions and revolutions

• Slices generation and export in the SLC and CLI formats